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Community Planning

LIAA offers a wide range of community planning services, with special expertise in multi-jurisdictional planning and helping communities create sustainable natural resource management policies and practices.

LIAA offers a wide range of community planning services, with special expertise in multi-jurisdictional planning and helping communities identify and leverage community assets to create sustainable management plans, policies and practices.

For over 20 years, LIAA has worked with local governments and civic organizations to develop effective land-use plans, programs and policies. With support from forward-thinking foundations, state agencies and local communities, LIAA consistently works to apply new and innovative land use planning and sustainable development concepts into local and community-side planning efforts. 

Featured Projects
LIAA worked with a wide range of agencies and volunteers to make Michigan's extensive water trail system more visible to paddlers

The Michigan Great Lakes Water Trails website originated with a visionary group of volunteers from all over the state, who shared the goal of promoting coastal public access by linking regional water trails to form a statewide water trail system along every mile of Great Lakes shoreline. Some regional trails exist and some are still being mapped, so the site continues to grow. Support for the development of this website was provided by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Coastal Zone Management Program, with content provided by communities and volunteers all over the state.

Michigan's Great Lakes Water Trails Website
Michigan's Great Lakes Water Trails Website
Resilient Michigan
Resilient Michigan communities
This community engagement and technical services program helps citizens, local leaders and public officials plan communities that are more resilient to climate variability, extreme weather events and global economic challenges.

LIAA is currently implementing this multi-jurisdictional planning process in five coastal communities around the State of Michigan. The project mission is to foster and support community‐wide planning efforts that lead to the adoption of significant revisions to existing master plans to promote community resilience in the face of rapid economic changes and increasing climate variability. Working with project partners around the state, LIAA provides a full range of professional planning and technical support services to participating communities. Visit Resilient Michigan to learn more about Planning for Resilient Communities.

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